• 29th November 2017

Blogs…..SEO and readability

Blogs…..SEO and readability

Blogs…..SEO and readability 293 213 Baby Boutique Spalding

Blogs …..SEO and readability!?

So far this morning I have spend my time editing my previous blogs to improve search engine optimisation and readability …… How confusing!

confused blog seo


But with the help of google I’m finally getting some green lights!

Having a website for our shop is all well and good, but we need people to find us on the WORLD WIDE WEB!

Search engine optimisation is basically (very basically) using key words on our website and in blogs that people search for. For example you might google “Miranda Dress” so for us to come up in this search we need to have “Miranda dress” featured on our website……. confusing right. So imagine all the words, phrases and brand names we need to have to make sure were reaching all potential customers! A LOT!


working hard baby


So here I am, typing away, pretending I know what I’m doing. Obviously after all my hard work today I expect by tomorrow to have hundreds of new visitors to our website and lots of orders.

Working hard

Its very easy to get caught up in a million different jobs in the shop, however I felt like we have such an invaluable tool literally at our finger tips. So research, clicking, typing and hoping for the best is me for the next few days!

Thank you once again for reading and your continued support xx