Twinkly Lights Christmas Display


Twinkly lights are definitely my favourite part of the festive season………….or so I thought!

In an attempt to keep up with the surrounding shops beautiful window displays we thought it was about time we upgraded our decs. Last years 5ft tree on its own was just not going to cut it.

So we invested in some beautiful, twinkly window lights. Little did I know these majestic looking tiny bulbs would become such a big commitment.

Here’s how it went…………..

The small little box arrived with the postman, like a child on Christmas morning I immediately ripped it open! I was slightly disheartened to see about 20 cable ties, but it was ok, I needed these lights in my life! So I persevered, after lots of twisting and untangling they were finally ready to take their place in the window.

Changing a window display is no quick job regardless of how much “fun” people think it would be. After moving the old fashioned pram filled with frilly pants and the 6 child size mannequins out the way I was ready. Our window conveniently has 3 little hooks already along the top of the window frame so this was going to be a doddle…………

I hung one end, made my way sheepishly along the windowsill dodging the over hanging cardigan and coat, then made it to the next hook. Low and behold as I attached the wire to the second hook the first end dropped down…….this process continued back and forth for a while until finally, SUCCESS!

Now one would think i would have tested to see if the plug would reach a socket before investing time and emotion into this, but no, obviously i did not.

So in an attempt to “make it work” I stretched the wire, and in the process tipped over the xmas tree and pulled down all the lights. (no additional comments required)

So this went on. Finally the lights were up and on, and the tree back in its rightful place.

As i stood back admiring my handy work Alfie decided he wanted something from the draw, the draw the wire was stretched across………..

I don’t want to bore you with my tale but just wanted to shed some light on my lights


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