Easter Lemon Childrens Clothes


Lemon for Easter……………

In our 3rd year of business we finally have it right. Our shop is’nt looking “pretty in pink” or “beautiful blue”………its very very yellow!

I love all the traditions we have been introduced to since running this business and lemon for Easter is definitely one i’m happy to embrace.

I decided to delve a little further and see what it all actually means.

As we all know Easter is a festival that commemorates the resurrection of Christ three days after his crucifixion. However as with all holidays it has evolved into many other things for many people. Aside from being a religious holiday Easter also represents the end of Winter and the start of Spring. Seeing all the crisp whites and bright colors is refreshing and instantly uplifting. All colours symbolize different things and yellow is related to the brightness of sun. It’s a color that brings joy and happiness.

Whats not to like?!

Just look at these 2 beautiful sisters wearing their Spanish lemon and white matching dresses, just brilliant! As you can see the matching accessories are also a must and available in store and online.

The boys don’t have to miss out either, matching sets from Pretty Originals and Miranda are available for boys and girls!

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